Naïvety welcomes terrorism

After each Islamic terrorist attack, more and more Europeans think that Islam is the root cause of the new, unsafe situation in Europe.

It is not. Islam has existed for 1400 years. What has changed the situation is the mentality of Europe’s political elite.

The political elite naïvely believes that it is our duty to let the ”refugees” come in.

This naïvety is seen as a moral virtue, but in reality it is stupid, it is irresponsible and it is causing irreversible damage to the Europeans.

Vote for intelligent people who realize what is happening. Vote for people who dare to understand what they see. Vote for people who want to protect you. Do not vote for people who are blinded by their moral fanaticism.

”The worst government is always the most moral one. But when fanatics are on top, there is no limit to oppression.” – Peter Mlakar from the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy (NSK).

Tietoja Tuomas Tähti

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2 vastausta artikkeliin: Naïvety welcomes terrorism

  1. Erkki Sinkko sanoo:

    Oppression is not moral. Freedom is an integral part of good morality.

  2. Kimmo Tarke sanoo:

    Erkki sees oppression the right way. Oppression of women is something very disgusting matter that I hate in the Islamic ways. Still I am a little surprised of Tuomas’s opinions. Islamic way has not changed in a long time, true, but never before there has been a opportunity to ”conquer” western countries, bring Islamic traditions among us. Now is that time, and I think that we should rise against it soon enough to prevent it. If rising is even now possible any more.
    I don’t sign, that naivety welcomes terrorism! On the contrary, we should show some attitude against Islamic cue! I am more than little dissappointed at Tuomas’s thoughts. If i understood his meaning the right way. I wonder.


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