Maurizio Moscarelli speaks!

Tuomas Tähti interviewed Maurizio Moscarelli via email in January 2014.

TT (Tuomas Tähti): Please introduce yourself to the readers. Who are you and what do you do?

Maurizio Moscarelli.

Maurizio Moscarelli.

MM (Maurizio Moscarelli): That is a good question, I wonder that every day. And maybe it is a common question to many of us. Are we eternal travelers? Souls in atonement? Children of the Matrix? I do not know. I do not feel like I am of this world, so I just try to stay here with conscience and honesty, in respect of what surrounds me. It is not easy. What do I do? Unfortunately the current Italian political situation, which has no respect for the country’s own people, has led us to the point where we just try to survive one day at a time. In this country, we are corrupt and there is Mafia. We are surrounded by zombies of all types, much like in the TV series The Walking Dead. The situation is bad here in Italy: no homes, no jobs, no fair salaries, no justice, no future. Very depressive people and country.

TT: You are the disc jockey of a weekly radio show called Solaris. It airs on the radio station Onda Rossa which can be heard in the area of Rome, Italy (87.9 FM). The station also has a live online stream. ”Onda Rossa” means ”Red Wave” and the station claims to be ”a red fruit of the decade 1968–1977; an immature fruit, sour and indigestible, but extraordinarily vital, participating in cultural innovation”.

MM: That radio station is an important reality and an important social asset which is opposed to capitalism and exploitation. Without masters and commercials, it is a clear demonstration of the fact that you can exist outside of what we are led to believe is ”the rule”.

TT: Solaris airs music that you do not hear on the mainstream radio stations. You exclusively play darkwave, industrial, neofolk and the classic forms of electronic music. What is special about this kind of music?

MM: Nothing special, everyone chooses the music that seems the most suitable to him. I have always rejected the mainstream music and perhaps I was given the inspiration towards certain sounds when I saw Sixth Comm / Mother Destruction live in Rome many years ago.

TT: Your radio show was launched in February 1997. Why does Solaris exist? Where did you get the idea and motivation to start it?

MM: I started writing music and being a handyman for another radio project in 1994, and a friend of mine told me I had a good voice. I went to Onda Rossa and they kindly gave me a position. I liked Andrei Tarkovsky and decided to dedicate the name of the programme to him.

TT: What other projects do you have? What is your profession?

MM: I played the bass for a long time in various groups: Romans Hooligans, Sidewalkers, Garbages and Stigma. However, now I do not play anymore. I work in a hospital’s front office to become insane.

TT: Solaris does not have any commercials, so I assume you do not make money with the show.

MM: Yeah, I bought the CDs by myself. On the other hand, many times I received promo releases from the music groups. Nowadays there is no more money and I do not download music.

TT: In 2013, you were thinking about shutting down the show. What is the story behind this?

MM: There is no story. I repeat that there is no more money. This music in general is off and sometimes you get tired. Solaris should not be a job but a pleasure.

TT: In your show, you only briefly speak between the songs. What kind of impact do you wish the music to have on the listeners?

MM: I am merely a middleman between the music and the listener, and so I let the music do the talking for me.

TT: Have the darkwave, industrial and neofolk styles become any better-known during these 17 years of Solaris, or is the show still an exception?

MM: Based on what people express about my transmission, I think I made ​​a big contribution to the spread and survival of certain sounds.

TT: Are there any interesting new bands today, or is this kind of music in the hands of the established 1980s ”classic” groups? How do you see the future of the music styles you air?

MM: Surely the eighties were a more prosperous period. Now I see black: everything is recycled. In this global situation, it is dramatic how contemporary music suffers. However, there are rare exceptions of all kinds.

TT: Solaris is also the name of the Kirlian Camera song which opens the show every week. Obviously this band is important to you.

MM: It is just a coincidence that Kirlian Camera has named a song and an album that way. The show’s name actually comes from the movie Solaris… a sign of destiny, haha. Then again, Kirlian Camera is one of the biggest and most important bands in the world… period.

TT: Kirlian Camera uses Christian symbolism in an uncommon way. Angelo Bergamini, the founder of the band, once said: ”I believe that a better life exists, because this life, this reality is a true hell!” Do you agree with this statement?

MM: Definitely yes. Angelo is a person of great sensitivity and intelligence. Yes, this reality is a true hell.

TT: On your Facebook profile, which is also the radio show’s profile, you have expressed ”special thanks” to the NSK group Laibach. Are you a citizen of the NSK State in Time?

MM: I love Laibach, it is another band of great importance. I enrolled a citizen of the NSK State online. I found it funny to belong to an ”illusory” free state.

TT: You have a tattoo which says ”ora et pugna” (the Latin phrase means ”pray and fight”). What is wrong with the better-known saying ”ora et labora” (”pray and work”)?

MM: ”Ora et pugna”, because life is a continuous battle for the Light, Justice and Love. Prayer is our intimate contact with the Divine, the Christ. We can lose the faith, but God is always there to support us with His love and His mercy.

TT: What is your greatest dream?

MM: A world without war, poverty, injustice, a world of rising consciousness, a world where people understand the importance of this planet and every living thing… a world of harmony… have you seen James Cameron’s film Avatar? That planet, those beings that feel and perceive their existence… but the hordes of orcs humans left to destroy… what they have always done here… my thoughts on what we should be can be seen in certain films… The Lord of the Rings… Sauron is still alive and his armies of orcs and hungry disruptors are everywhere… in K-PAX, a movie which has inspired Kirlian Camera, prot (Kevin Spacey) comes to visit this planet with little hope. It is a planet of beings of higher consciousness, but prot is first stopped and then committed to the Psychiatric Institute… the world is so wrong… prot was a superior being and misunderstood by humans, conceited and arrogant, but he left a mark on many people… Faith, Love, Hope.

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