Finnish Championships in hypnotic-magnetic stare 2013

hmk2013sm1I’m participating in the Finnish Championships in hypnotic-magnetic stare. The contest was first held in 2011, and the year 2013 sees its third instance. This is the first time when I participate.

Anyone can vote. You don’t have to be Finnish. Voting is simple and you can do it on the social networking service Facebook. All you need is a Facebook account.

The contest has two rounds. The first round started today on 29 August and ends on 29 September. The five most voted starers continue to the second/final round, which begins on 30 September and ends on 4 October 2013.

The contest is organized by Mesikämmenen blogi and protected by Kai M. Aalto who was the first person to ever mention the term hypnotic-magnetic stare (in Finnish hypnoottis-magneettinen katse) in the Finnish media.

Many thanks to Shamil Alifov who shot my contest photo!


Tietoja Tuomas Tähti

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