Laibach in Helsinki 27 March 2012

Two days ago I had the pleasure to see Laibach once again. Just like in last year, the venue was Nosturi in Helsinki and my friends and I were the first people to enter the building when the doors were opened. Right next to me in the front row was Shamil Alifov who has good photography skills and an Azerbaijani press pass. All photos of this entry are shot by Shamil. He gave me permission to publish these.

Tuomas Tähti and Ivan ”Jani” Novak before the concert.

Mi kujemo bodočnost.

Smrt za smrt.

Ti, ki izzivaš.

Le Privilege des Morts.

Across the Universe.

Under the Iron Sky.


  • Mi kujemo bodočnost
  • Smrt za smrt
  • Brat moj
  • Ti, ki izzivaš
  • Die Liebe
  • Leben – Tod
  • Le Privilege des Morts
  • Across the Universe
  • Take me to Heaven
  • B Mashina
  • America
  • Under the Iron Sky
  • Tanz mit Laibach
  • Alle gegen alle
  • Du bist unser
  • Warme Lederhaut
  • Love on the Beat
  • Leben heißt Leben
  • Ballad of a Thin Man

Tietoja Tuomas Tähti

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    Hell yeah! Hyvät kuvat.


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